Author Debra Lynn Collins
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About Author Debra Lynn Collins
I was born and raised in Georgia, but I moved to Alabama after my husband and I were married in 1981. I consider myself a Georgiabamian. I adore the south, I couldn't imagine myself living anywhere else. In June 2018 we pulled up stakes and moved to Lyerly, Ga., so we could be closer to the church we pastor. Pentecostal Power Ministries. 

 God blessed me with four amazing children, and nine wonderful grandchildren.

Through the years I've tried my hand at many, many other crafts. I enjoy quilting, making candles, soap, and jewelry. I also scrapbook, do woodworking, and cake decorating. Oh, and did I mention, I LOVE TO COOK!

  My writing journey...I started writing romance stories at the early age of 13. I still remember vividly the night I wrote my first story. I had watched a movie with my sister one night, and I didn't like the way the movie ended. So I slipped away into my bedroom, grabbed a pen and paper and wrote the ending the way I wanted it. Before I knew it, I saw the sun peeking through the curtains and realized I'd been up all night, writing...and that was the beginning of my writing journey. 

  I'm a Comtemporay Christian Romance Writer...There's just something about those
  ***Heart Pounding***Pulse Racing***Makes You Weak in the Knees***
  ***Happily-Ever-After*** Once in a Lifetime*** Love Stories!

  I do believe in those fairy tales romances, I'm living mine with my wonderful
husband, Steve. He is my hero, best friend, and he still makes my heart skip a beat when he just holds my hand. 

  The reason I write the stories I write...I believe everyone yearns for that happily ever-after, fairy tale romance. 
  Although my characters may suffer tragedy, loss, or past broken relationships, they ALWAYS find an everlasting love in the end. Love always conquers all !!
  I write Christian romances, because I can tell my stories without compromising my convictions.